2024 Honda Passport TrailSport, Models, Specs, Price

2024 Honda Passport TrailSport, Models, Specs, PriceIn addition to the previously available packages, the 2024 Honda Passport will introduce a new TrailSport package. An emphasis on off-road performance is planned for the TrailSport package. A new Honda Performance Development (HDP) package, similar to that found on the Honda Ridgeline pickup truck, will be available for the 2024 Passport as an add-on. This package will include a restyled grille, HDP-specific wheels, blacked-out fender flares, and HDP graphics, giving the SUV a more aggressive appearance. The competition consists of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Edge, and Volvo XC60.

Despite its recent introduction, the 2024 Honda Passport is making waves in the midsize SUV segment. The Japanese product is based on the same chassis as the Honda Pilot, but unlike the Pilot, it does not include the third row of seats. Instead, it prioritizes providing its passengers with as much legroom and cargo space as possible.

2024 Honda Passport TrailSport
2024 Honda Passport TrailSport

2024 Honda Passport TrailSport Redesign

The exterior design of the Passport SUV has always been subdued; nonetheless, it was never the hideous vehicle on the road. Thus, this year’s redesign is much appreciated for its more assertive front fascia, revised grille and bumpers, and power-bulge hood. Likewise, the bumpers have been modified, and the tailpipes’ final touches have been enlarged. The base model comes with automatic LED headlights, rear privacy glass, a dual-exit exhaust, LED brake lights, and an innovative, programmable keyless remote entry system.

Except for the new TrailSport, which has off-road-oriented two-tone 18-inch alloy wheels with beefy 245/60R18 tires, all versions ride on a pair of 20-inch split-spoke alloy wheels. Black “Passport” and “AWD” badging complement the orange “TrailSport” badging on the TrailSport. The power moonroof, walk-away auto-lock, memory-linked side mirrors, and the power liftgate are standard. In particular, the Elite has a hands-free tailgate. Roof rails are regular on the TrailSport and Elite, while parking sensors are standard on all but the base model.


2024 Honda Passport TrailSport
2024 Honda Passport TrailSport Interior


The Honda Passport 2024 will share the same cabin as the 2022 model year. The house has a lot of Ridgeline pickup-like details. The power panel is easy on the eyes and the hands. The dashboard’s infotainment screen is centered between the HVAC controls. The front seats will be upholstered in cloth and manually adjustable, so they should be nice and cozy. Both the motorist and front passenger seats in the EX-L and above trims are powered, with the driver’s seat able to be adjusted in 10 different ways and the front passenger seat in 4 different ways.

There are three comfortable, supportive seats in the second row. Seats in the TrailSport trim have orange contrast stitching, the TrailSport emblem is stitched into the front headrests, and the inside lighting is warm amber. The rear seat will fold down and split 60/40 to increase storage space.

2024 Honda Passport TrailSport
2024 Honda Passport TrailSport Price


Honda has equipped the Passport with a massive 3.5L V6 engine that delivers 280 horsepower and 5000 lbs of towing capacity, whereas most manufacturers are opting to downsize their engines and add turbochargers. The Passport’s engine is tuned to deliver strong acceleration over the entire RPM range. A 9-speed automatic transmission transfers power to the front wheels. This means the Passport is quicker than most people would anticipate from a mid-sized SUV, and while it doesn’t openly claim to be a sports car, it does give very dynamic driving qualities compared to most of its direct competitors.

Honda Passport all-wheel-drive versions in 2024 will have enhanced traction. Although the SUV’s several drive settings will make it easier to handle on rough terrain, Ground clearance on the FWD vehicles will be 7.5 inches, while on the AWD models, it will be 8.1 inches. Both would be beneficial to the course. The front-wheel-drive 2024 Passport should be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds. The all-wheel-drive variant should be able to achieve the same in 5.8 seconds. An estimated 14.7 seconds are needed to complete the quarter-mile drag.

2024 Honda Passport TrailSport Release Date and Price

With the addition of the new TrailSport trim for the 2024 model year, Honda’s midsize Passport SUV will cost $43,695 (with a destination charge of $1,225). Despite its new, more robust name and a few improvements, the Passport SUV isn’t noticeably more or less capable than previous models. With a brand-new design for 2024, Honda’s Passport is set to hit showroom floors in June of that year.