New 2024 Honda CRV Rumors, Electric, Release Date

New 2024 Honda CRV Rumors, Electric, Release Date – In terms of sales, the 2024 Honda CRV crossover is the company’s most popular model. There’s no better vehicle for families looking to go about their business than the Honda CR-V, which offers plenty of room inside, a fuel-efficient 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with 190 horsepower (or 212 horsepower in hybrid form), plenty of luggage capacity, and fun handling.

The 2024 Honda CRV is no exception to Honda’s emphasis on safety, which is critical to compete with the Toyota RAV4 and Mazda CX-5. Is it possible for a small crossover with a solid all-around approach to competing against competitors that concentrate their efforts on being excellent in certain areas but mediocre in others? The 2024 Honda CR-V was graciously sent to us by Honda so that we could have a first-hand look at it.

2024 Honda CRV Redesign
2024 Honda CRV Redesign

2024 Honda CRV Redesign

In our 2024 Honda CRV review from last year, we spoke about the CR-new V’s standard 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, refreshed exterior appearance, an increased level of safety equipment. Because of the extensiveness of these improvements, there have been no significant alterations made for the 2024 model year. The fifth generation of the CR-V, which will be released in 2024, is the fifth generation of the CR-V.

In 2023, a new 2024 Honda CRV is planned to replace the fifth-generation vehicle, nearing the end of its production run. With that in mind, Honda hasn’t made any changes to the 2024 CR-V Hybrid, and it remains a carryover from last year, save for a price rise of $4,000.


The 2024 Honda CRV-appearance V’s are classic Honda, which means they’re clean and unobtrusive. Last year, the CR-V received a significant makeover with the start of manufacturing of the current generation at the end of 2016. Although it doesn’t have a sloped rear roofline like so many other vehicles these days, it nevertheless offers a lot of room in the interior.

In comparison to the other trims, the basic model lacks a power sunroof, LED fog lights, and rear privacy glass. The Touring and all hybrid models come equipped with multi-reflector halogen headlights, while the base model comes standard with LED lights. 17-inch alloys on the LX go up to 19-inch machined alloys on the Touring, with 18s in between for the other variants. The chrome exhaust tips on the non-hybrid Touring are also available.


With the 2024 Honda CR-V Hybrid, Honda will further enhance an already impressive crossover’s capabilities. The CR-V Hybrid has 212 horsepower thanks to a 2.0-liter engine paired with two electric motors, making it more responsive than the non-hybrid CR-V while also delivering superior gas efficiency.

Every CR-V Hybrid comes equipped with all-wheel drive as well. There are no major differences between the CR-V Hybrid and a conventionally powered CR-V, save for a smaller cargo area and a higher price tag. Despite the improved fuel economy of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, the CR-V Hybrid is still a viable option.

2024 Honda CRV Release Date
2024 Honda CRV Release Date

2024 Honda CRV Release Date and Price

The base LX model of the 2024 Honda CR-V will cost $25,350 in the United States. There have been no substantial revisions for 2024, so a virtually new used example is worth considering because of the $300 price rise over last year. The EX and EX-L follow at $27,860 and $30,450, respectively. The Hybrid EX and the Hybrid EX-L are the next two models down, at $30,560 and $33,150, respectively. The Touring is the most costly gas-only variant at $33,650, while the Hybrid Touring is the most expensive CR-V at $36,350.